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Shot by Lynn Htun

Shot by Lynn Htun

The Sun’s Page 3 1st July 2014

Shot by Alison Webster

Garden Party
Shot for Suicide Girls by gemmaedwards

Garden Party

Shot for Suicide Girls by gemmaedwards

The Sun’s Page 3 21st August 2014

Anonymous said: On the subject of feminism, what is your opinion on it? Bearing in mind what some feminists have tweeted you



my OPINION- Feminism to me, in 2014, means not relying on any body else for your happiness, money, career and making your life choices on your own, having your own mind and helping other women feel good about themselves as they should. Going out there and getting what you want out of life- being independent. It’s also about helping people open their minds about sexism and harassment and not to be ignorant.

The keyword is choice.

it was my choice, i chose to do what I do as a career, I don’t care about any negativity because I’m happy. My body, my choice. If you don’t like it..simply don’t look, why waste your time creating negative energy for yourself. It’s nice to see women who are confident enough to take their clothes off for thousands.. if not millions.. to see (in a day and age where insecurities are a big issue with girls) as opposed to (self proclaimed ‘feminists’) women attacking other women, hiding behind a computer screen criticising them for life choices and attempting to bring them down- if you feel that strongly about women’s rights then you need to open your eyes- a naked lady in a magazine is NOTHING. We are SO lucky to live in countries where we can get an education, do the things we are able to do and have a voice! We are not getting shot for defending girls rights to have an education, we don’t have politicians declaring if women have sex before marriage should be hung. 


The Sun’s Page 3 11th September 2014

Did you know Mel has a new set out on Suicide Girls? It’s freakin awesome and is shot by the ever amazing gemmaedwards

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